Thanks for coming to the meeting tonight! Here are the presentation slides on getting into research. The slides have some example/successful emails + general tips about labs. Apologies if tonight’s talk was a bit biology-laden; next week’s lecture should be more computational, as our guest lecturer will be giving an overview of Machine Learning.

Big thank you as well to Dr. Richard Barker (, who was kind enough to come in and discuss his research. He largely discussed his work and the context in which it occurs, as well as some exciting information about NASA. He also mentioned NASA does internships, which, due to the government security clearance, requires you to be an American citizen. While it’s too late in this semester to add on research credits to your schedule, next semester there will be an astrobotany course in which you can enroll and do research! (great résumé builder)

BARKER RESEARCH — [interest form!]
The research-credited course that Dr. Barker mentioned does not yet have a course number or departmental designation. I will let you all know when it does. In the meantime, please fill out the form so that he can reach out to you.