About Us

Data Science Club is an inspirational place to begin surfing society’s next big wave — Big Data. Data science has grown immensely across CS, statistics, business, sciences, and other fields, and we would like to connect, educate, and inspire students across campus, helping them understand how data science fits into their interests and careers. Our main activities/events will range from seminars & talks to study groups to semester-long projects, and other opportunities to get students engaged outside of lectures.

We host seminars & networking events throughout the semester by faculty and professionals working on interdisciplinary, data-driven projects spanning sociology, finance, biology, public health, and many other fields. We explore many tools and skills such as Hadoop, Scala, Python, statistics, Tableau, and TensorFlow in a social, hands-on approach. Together, we find and share the most effective resources for learning, then share or talk about them. We also perform workshops and walkthroughs on interesting data technologies like web-scraping with Python or using a Twitter API to gain actionable data. Moving forward, we will network students with faculty, companies, and each other on new ventures, from Kaggle competitions to semester-long research projects to internships and jobs help.

Some of the topics of focus include:

  •     • Research across the physical sciences
  •     • Marketing & business analytics
  •     • Python, R, SAS
  •     • Data warehousing & engineering including databasing, Hadoop ecosystem, Apache Spark, Kafka
  •     • Bayesian Statistics, Probability
  •     • Data acquisition
  •     • Computer Security Analytics,
  •     • Social Network Analysis
  •     • Bioinformatics
  •     • Machine Learning, Computer Vision, NLP, Deep Learning
  •     • Kaggle competitions and datasets

Starting in 2021, we will be hosting annual data hackathons to get students to build data solutions to complex world problems.

If you’re a UW student, faculty, or professional interested in studying and discussing Data Science, we’d love to have you. Also knowledgeable individuals with expertise in the above areas (or something completely different) are welcome to schedule speaking opportunities with us. Please use our contact form!