• Date: Wednesday, Feb. 7 at 6pm
  • Location: Computer Sciences 1240

DotData President, Vasudha, will give a skill building workshop on Neural Networks. Introduction to the basics and the inner workings of neurons. Bring your laptop and follow along with code! Pizza will be provided.

  • Date: Tuesday, Nov. 14th at 6pm
  • Location: Computer Sciences 1240

Join data expert Larry Tan for an introduction to Machine Learning and its various uses! Food will be provided.

  • Date: Wednesday, Oct. 11th at 6pm
  • Location: Humanities Building room 2650

Join us this week to hear project pitches and make/form data science project groups! Bring an idea or be open to join an existing one.

  • Date: Tuesday, Sept. 19th at 6pm
  • Location: Computer Sciences 1240

DotData Fall 2023 Kickoff!

Enjoy a welcome to or back to the club where we will introduce who we are and what we will be doing throughout the semester, as well as helpful tips to start the school year and internship search.

  • Date: Wednesday, Feb. 1st at 6pm
  • Location: Computer Sciences 1240

Join us for our first meeting of 2023 with a data science talk from Fetch Rewards! Fetch will highlight their data science department/opportunities and then do a deeper dive into how they apply machine learning to fight fraud. Food will be provided!

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 16th at 6pm

Location: 1240 Computer Sciences Building

Join us for an interactive SQL workshop this Wednesday at 6pm! We’ll go over the basics and practice together on a real dataset. Food will be provided! Please bring a laptop to this meeting and bookmark this site.

Date: Wednesday, Oct. 26th at 6pm

Location: Computer Sciences room 1240

Summer internship and job application season is now at full tilt, and it’s time for you to perfect your resumé. Whether you are an experienced upperclassmen, an intrigued freshmen, or don’t even know what a resumé is, feel free to come to the dotData resumé workshop hosted by Vasudha, Vice President and Gautam, President. We will be helping attendees with what to put on their resumé, how to format it, and how to avoid making common errors. Come by CS 1240 and get your resumé ready to go!