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In addition to regular DS Club meetings, our partners at the Big Data Madison and Data Science Madison host weekly talks around Downtown Madison. Feel free to contact us to go as a group.

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Big Data Madison

Madison, WI
2,625 Members

Big Data Madison promotes the understanding and adoption of technologies used to acquire, store, and analyze data in all its forms. This spans everything from data engineering…

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Lessons Learned Leading Data & Why It’s Not As Different As …

Tuesday, Oct 20, 2020, 6:00 PM
5 Attending

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Data Science Madison

Madison, WI
924 Data Scientists

Data Science Madison brings together people interested in data science:• the analytical “statistics and machine learning” side,• the creative “visualization and design” sid…

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Data Science Major

Coming in Fall 2020, UW-Madison will officially start offering a Data Science Major. The curriculum for this major is currently under development, and a slew of new courses will actually be created for it! If you’re not an underclassmen, this is sadly too late for you to look. That said, here are some recommendations for courses to look into:

  • CS 220: Data Programming [Python], 3 credits — this is the only for sure course that I’m aware of. It’s part 1 of 2 for their programming sequence.
  • CS 368: Topics in Computing [R, MATLAB, C++], 1 credit — this offering changes per semester, but these languages are invaluable. R is used for most stats courses, our databases course uses C++, and many engineering courses use MATLAB.
  • CS 532: Matrix Methods in Machine Learning, 3 credits — NOTE: unlikely this will be part of the Data Science major, but it’s a very good applied course. I was briefly in it before switching into a different course. Seemed interesting. It’s a flipped classroom, so you watch some videos outside, and then work on homework in-class. May or may not be reserved for graduate students next spring? Unsure, but that would be odd.
    – Pre-Requisites: MATH 222 and (E C E 203, COMP SCI 200, 300 or 302) or graduate/professional standing
  • Math 234: Calculus III, 4 credits — Easier than Calculus 2, pre-requisite for Foundational courses like the Stats 309/310 sequence (Mathematical Statistics and probability)
    – Pre-Requisites: MATH 222
  • Math 340: Linear Algebra, 3 credits — lovely course. Avoid its sibling course, Math 320, if you don’t like differential equations.
    – Pre-Requisites: MATH 222
  • Stats 301 or 302: Intro to Statistics, 3 credits — very likely be a pre-requisite for other courses required Stats courses
    – Pre-Requisites: None for STAT 301; MATH 221 in order to take STAT 302
  • Stats 303: R, 1 credit — This will just be a useful language, whether for research or other classes. They have intro, intermediate, advanced, all in one semester. If you’re more CS-focused, you could jump for CS 368 – R (caveat, you’ll need to get a credit substitution for 327)
  • Stats 333: Applied Regression Analysis, 3 credits — honestly wish I could have taken this. Only open to stats majors, it seems.
    – Pre-Requisites: (STAT 224, STAT 301, STAT 302, STAT 312, STAT 324, or STAT 371) and STAT 327 or concurrent enrollment