Shell scripting and being able to use the command line is a critical skill for anyone doing analyses. Many CS students don’t learn how to navigate a terminal until they’re forced to, so it’s definitely a skill worth having. We’ll be joined this week by Professor Tyler Caraza-Harter, who will be leading a workshop on this integral skill.

[DataSci] BASH: The Command Line
Scheduled: Mar 28, 2019 at 6:30 PM
Location: Room 1441, Genetics-Biotech

Right before spring break we met to go over the Do’s and Don’ts of building your résumé. Tech Specialist Amy Yang gave a presentation and discussed keeping a master résumé and customizing it for each company you apply to. She also discussed whether or not you need a cover letter and some caveats for styling your résumé, as well as opportunities for free professional attire. Please see the attach presentation (I promise it’s useful).

THIS WEEK – Résumé Workshop
Do you have a professional résumé? Are you applying for internships and research labs? This week we welcome tech specialist Amy Yang of UW’s SuccessWorks to do a workshop on presenting yourself to employers. We’ll discuss the Do’s and Don’ts of résumé building.

LAST WEEK – Machine Learning Crash Course
Sorry for the delay. Thanks for coming to the machine learning crash course last Thursday! We had ML PhD Finn Kuusisto discuss a variety of different supervised learning models, specifically Neural Networks, SVMs, Decision Trees, k-Nearest Neighbor, etc. Finn also gave some insights on graduate study and some specifics about deep learning.

Machine Learning Postdoc Finn Kuusisto will be joining us to give an overview of machine learning, specifically focusing on a few common models and their applications! This meeting is meant to acquaint you with some new terminology—it is not meant to go in depth nor discuss the intimate details of implementation.

After last week’s meeting with Dr. Richard Barker, I sent out this interest form. This information has been passed on to the Doc, but if you’d like to continue receiving some additional information, please join the #astrobotany channel of our slack workspace, dotDataGroup.