MadData 2023

Check out final teams projects here!

This our clubs second data based hackathon: MadData. A 24-hour Hackathon that combines CS and Data Science in order to create unique projects and tools using data. Winners will earn cash prizes! The competition is based in UW-Madison but is open to anyone from Wisconsin (Note: the competition is in-person only). Participating in a data based hackathon will allow members to apply classroom knowledge, solve real-word problems while learn to code under a time constraint. MadData is a great chance to network and build a resume.

Taking place on February 25th – 26th, 2023. Registration closes on February 19th.


  • – Teams up to 4 people
  • – Use of at least one dataset and demonstrate the appropriate use of data science methods
  • – Ideas should be original and the Project needs to be coded during the hackathon. The project should be coded by the team members alone. Help may be asked from mentors but not direct solutions.
  • – You may leave the area to work, but the project presentation is a must to be considered for judging.
  • – Any form of harassment will lead to exclusion from the competition. All participants must respect all ideas and opinions. 
  • – Judging and results would be final and must be accepted by all participants.

Want to learn how to prepare for a hackathon? Here is a Hackathon 101 guide for more information about what constitutes a Hackathon, what to expect and success tips.


Thank you to our wonderful sponsors for making this event possible:

– Epic
– John Deere
– Thomson Reuters
– UW-Madison CS Department
– Google Cloud

Check out last school year’s Datathon page: