Datathon 2021

ABOUT Datathon:

Datathon is a competition focused on using data science techniques to solve a real-world issue in any discipline. Similar to hackathons, participants are responsible for creating a product that can solve practical problems. Final products include, but are not limited to, machine learning models, insights from statistical analysis, and business solutions based on predictive models. The competition will take place on a weekend in mid-October 2021 and is open for any UW-Madison students.


Each team should consist of 1-4 members.
Each project must utilize at least one dataset and must demonstrate appropriate use of data science methods.
All work must be conducted by the team members. The team may ask provided mentors for guidance, but not for direct solutions. 
We believe in the importance of respect for all ideas and opinions. Any form of harassment will result in exclusion from the datathon.

Commonly Asked Pointers

  1. Food shall be provided throughout the duration of the hackathon
  2. All participants shall receive 50$ worth Google Cloud credits.
  3. All participants shall receive free Data Science Swag

Competition Schedule

October 4th – Team/Participant registration begins

October 14th – Team/Participant confirmations

October 15th –  Teams for solo participants released

October 16th (D Day)

9:00 am – In-person Checkin

10:00 am – Opening Ceremony

11:00 am – Hacking begins

October 17th (Also D Day but v2)

11:00 am – Project Submission

12:00 pm – Demo

2:30 pm –  Winning teams are announced 

Sponsor Events!

September 30th – Google Cloud: Serverless Cloud Run hands-on workshop with a Googler

October 14th – Google Cloud: Hands-on Serverless Firebase Development workshop with a Googler

October 16th (D Day)

1:20 PM – AmFam:

2:00 pm – Thomson Reuters: AI-based platform teams working on legal, tax, and other professional datasets

2:40 pm – John Deere: Performance management in heavy machinery & Predictive AI in farming (Virtual)

3:30 pm – Epic: Application of machine learning and data science in the core of healthcare analytics (Edu Sci 208)

4:20 pm – Corteva: Emerging Analytics in Agriculture (Virtual)

Our Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor

At Corteva Agriscience we grow progress by putting farmers and consumers at the heart of agriculture, to help reshape the industry for the 21st century. We believe that the future of farming depends on aligning the food chain from end to end so that we can work together to build agriculture into an industry that is more financially secure, sustainable, innovative, and responsive. We are helping to shape an industry better able to understand and react to global market demands, that can effectively harness science, technology, and innovation to optimize productivity, and which has the know-how and resources to help chart its own long-term success in the face of challenge and change.

Collaborating Sponsor

As an Electronic Health Record (EHR) software company, Epic supports healthcare organizations across the globe. These healthcare organizations gather a huge amount of patient data. Epic’s program called Cosmos brings together healthcare data from across the Epic community, pulling together over 100 million longitudinal patient records from over 100 contributing organizations across the United States. To build Cosmos, Epic had to find solutions to a number of technical problems and governance needs. These solutions had to work at scale and across disparate pre-existing customer systems with minimal configuration. The data must be reviewed to make sure it is high quality, consistent, and timely and our processes vetted to ensure the data is protected. Finally, we needed tools that enable researchers to dive into the data and turn it into knowledge.

The Machine learning research and innovation group at American Family Insurance aims at providing innovative and efficient AI-and -data-science-inspired solutions to the enterprise.  We coordinate  ML and AI research with labs and universities and explore how recent advances in the area could impact problems relevant to the insurance domain.

Helping Sponsor

Analytics at John Deere encompasses a wide range of technologies and business areas including computer vision for autonomy, forecasting sales of equipment, customer support (expert alerts to identify potential problems), John Deere Finance (customer risk profiling and segmentation), market analysis, and machine learning for optimizing machinery. Our data analytics practitioners primarily use Python, R, and SQL as well as a significant amount of work with big data platforms like Spark and Databricks.

Helping Sponsor

Thomson Reuters is a content-driven technology company with over a century of experience curating and classifying data and supporting professionals in complex domains that move society forward.

Embedded in this legacy is our team of AI-focused engineers, research and data scientists, and designers who work with some of the most comprehensive and richly enhanced legal, tax, and other professional datasets in the world.

Join us in building the next generation of AI-enabled solutions for legal, tax & accounting, risk, fraud and compliance, and media.

We are hiring in BangaloreZugLondonToronto, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Educational Sponsor

We help millions of organizations empower their employees, serve their customers, and build what’s next for their businesses with innovative technology created in—and for—the cloud. Our products are engineered for security, reliability, and scalability, running the full stack from infrastructure to applications to devices and hardware. Our teams are dedicated to helping customers apply our technologies to create success.