• We had Professor Bret Larget, Professor of Botany and Statistics, share with us his research on reconstructing the evolutionary history of different species from DNA sequences collected. 
  • Professor Larget also led an interactive workshop on intro to web scraping using R. 
  • Dana Maltby and Sara Rodock, advisors for the Data Science major here at UW-Madison gave a workshop about the Data Science major. 
  • The workshop included an overview of the data science major, major requirements, and a Q&A. 

Link to the recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XrCDBh9i7bt2-UeStKcPbqmfZH1_VnpF/view?usp=sharing  

  • We gave a brief introduction to the Data Science Club and our new executive board members. 
  • Kristopher Keipert from NVIDIA gave a workshop on Introduction to Data Science. We went through a small, real dataset on female and male height and weight data on Jupyter Notebook, going through some basic statistics and visualization. 
  • Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1sSCmZaSrfgsJHzVRO0Rge8oa6Y1kOCHt?usp=sharing 

Thinking about graduate school in data science, statistics, math, or computer science? Come and learn from alumni who have been there! You’ll learn all about applying to graduate school and how to be a strong applicant, how to decide if grad school is right for you, what to do now to prepare, and different career paths after grad school. Please fill out the survey here to prepare questions for the panelists.

* This event is co-sponsored by SuccessWorks, Data Science Club, and Statistics Club.

[Volunteering in Tech]

A partner of YWCA (homeless shelter focused on battling racism and empowering women), who is also an UW alumnus, recently started a tech program that allows their residents to learn technical skills in order to help them fetch more sustainable jobs that can positively alter their financial situations. 

He is looking for volunteers from the DS Club to help aid the tech program: IT-Fridays revolves around learning basic computer skills, Google Drive and Excel. The program will be held on Friday evenings from 6-7pm. This would be a great opportunity for those of you looking for ample leadership experience to build your resumes. Please reach out to Shreya Mittal (mittalshreya902@gmail.com) if you are interested in this opportunity. 

[Interview Skills Workshop]

As scheduled, we will have the workshop on interviewing strategies this week, but the event will be on Tuesday instead of our regular meeting time. The workshop will be co-hosted by Undergraduate Statistics Club (excited!), and tech specialist Amy Yang from SuccessWorks will join us to discuss how to stand out in your next job interview. She will also be going through a new interviewing resource SuccessWorks is offering for L&S students.