• We collaborated with Transcend UW, a student org at UW-Madison on innovation and entrepreneurship for a conversational-style event with Tobin Jansenberger, one of the leaders of the Data Science and Analytics Lab at AMFAM. 
  • Tobin Jansenberger has experience building two software companies and gave his unique insights into both data science and entrepreneurship.
  • We had Professor Bret Larget, Professor of Botany and Statistics, share with us his research on reconstructing the evolutionary history of different species from DNA sequences collected. 
  • Professor Larget also led an interactive workshop on intro to web scraping using R. 
  • Dana Maltby and Sara Rodock, advisors for the Data Science major here at UW-Madison gave a workshop about the Data Science major. 
  • The workshop included an overview of the data science major, major requirements, and a Q&A. 

Link to the recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XrCDBh9i7bt2-UeStKcPbqmfZH1_VnpF/view?usp=sharing