This semester we will be hosting Datathon presented by Corteva co-sponsored by Epic, American Family Insurance, John Deere & Thomson Reuters on October 16th-17th! The Datathon will give students a chance to work on real-world issues and gain exposure to new technologies in the process. Participants are responsible for creating a product that can solve practical problems so start thinking of ideas! 

REGISTRATION IS OPEN!! Read the rules, schedule, and register on our website: 

Hello Datathon community!

The Google Cloud higher education team and Datathon invite you and your friends to a virtual hands-on workshop this Thursday, October 14th @ 19:00 ET. Read about the event on the Datathon website and RSVP today.

Thursday’s event

Prepare for the hackathon season and join Google Customer Engineer Stenio Ferreira for a hands-on workshop showcasing how to incorporate Serverless Firebase Development into your hackathon projects.

Attendees will create a pipeline for deploying a static Hugo based website using Cloud Build and Firebase. Static site builders, like Hugo, have become popular because of their ability to produce websites that do not require web servers.

Grow the community

Please share this opportunity with your LinkedIn community by sharing this post: and website:

Preparing for the workshop

Are you new or need a refresher on Firebase and Google Cloud Build? Prepare for the event by learning more about Firebase and Google Cloud Build usage by visiting these resources: 

Network opportunity

Students who continue their journeys experiencing Google Cloud tools, and who earn three skill badges, will be invited to an exclusive Spotlight Series on Tuesday, October 26th @ 20:00 ET. Attendees will hear from a Google Cloud Customer about how they are utilizing Google Cloud and the importance of new hires earning success through Google Cloud Skills Boost skill badges.

Join Beth Karabin from Successworks for where you will learn about resume formatting, cover letters, and important points to be included in a data science resume! 

IMPORTANT: Bring your resumes and laptops!! 

Helpful Links: 
Getting Started on a Resume:

Technology/Data Analytics Opportunities:

Join Google Cloud Software Engineer Rayan Dasoriya for an interactive workshop where you will use Cloud Run to learn how to: 

  1. Use Cloud Run to connect and leverage data stored in Cloud Storage 
  2. Build a resilient, asynchronous system with Cloud Run and Pub/Sub 
  3. Build a REST API gateway using Cloud Run 
  4. Build and expose service using Cloud Run

Resources for Refresher on Cloud Run: 
Prepare for the event by learning more about Cloud Run usage by visiting these resources: 


  • We collaborated with Transcend UW, a student org at UW-Madison on innovation and entrepreneurship for a conversational-style event with Tobin Jansenberger, one of the leaders of the Data Science and Analytics Lab at AMFAM. 
  • Tobin Jansenberger has experience building two software companies and gave his unique insights into both data science and entrepreneurship.