Hi Data Science Club,

Thanks to everyone for coming to the meeting! For anyone who wasn’t able to make it to the meeting, here is the presentation that was given. Sorry if I went a bit fast—I’d be happy to elaborate on any points I skimmed (email me or Adithya). For the next meeting, the topic will be:

Résumé Workshop for Tech Internships & Research
7pm on Thursday 10/11 in CS 1221

While this meeting topic is subject to change, I think it’d be good because it’s internship-hunting season.

Right now we’re looking at meeting every other week… But that said, there’s a lot of topics that people are interested in and a lot of things that I’d personally talking about. I’ll be sending out another email with a poll, listing some workshop topics for a meeting. If you have a topic you feel competent in or project that you did & would like to present, email me.

A recap of topics and resources for this past meeting:

I ended up discussing a lot more than I expected about prospective classes to support an interest in Data Science. Besides the slides in the presentation, here are some of the other resources I mentioned:

Someone spoke to me about internships for underclassmen, and it made me remember a resource I DEFINITELY wish I’d known about—an advisor mentioned it to me this last spring. They largely open up in December, but it’s definitely worth eyeballing now.

  • Research Internships through the National Science Foundation

A resource that I didn’t know about until I became the resource: tutoring in the computer sciences building. The word tutoring can have a stigma to it and feels inaccurate in this case, because anyone can just show up and have a pseudo-TA help them debug their programs and explain concepts. They’re guaranteed* to cover every class up to 400. After that, it’s down to what the tutors have personally taken.

Every Sunday-Wednesday there’s tutoring in the lounge immediately above the east entrance of the Computer Sciences building. It’s from 3-9pm for Mon-Wed, and 2-8pm on Sundays. I’m personally there from 6-9 on Mondays, and often from 5-9ish on Wednesdays. If you’d like to get involved as a tutor, contact Andrew Kuemmel!