Talk: Leveraging Data Science in Health Care

Joe Tenini, a Data Scientist at Epic’s Inpatient Predictive Analytics R&D, will give this month’s DS3 Seminar. He will discuss the types of questions that his team is interested in, the massive data that they have access to, and some of his work that puts it all together.

The talk is public and should be accessible to anyone interested in data science. Join us! Please invite others! 10/28 at 3:30 in 140 Bardeen. Full details below:

Joe Tenini PhD, Data Scientist at Epic, Inpatient Predictive Analytics R&D.
When/where: 10/28 at 3:30 in 140 Bardeen.

Abstract: What would you do if you knew every medication administered, procedure performed, lab resulted, and diagnosis made for 190 million patients? What sort of questions could you ask? What sort of problems could you take on? What if you could deliver your insights directly to the patients and providers who need them?

For data scientists at Epic, these are questions we ask ourselves daily. In this talk we’ll discuss opportunities to put data to work in healthcare, the tools and technologies involved, and some specific challenges and solutions that come up during day to day work. This will be an interdisciplinary talk. Students and practitioners from all fields and experience levels are encouraged to attend and bring questions.

Bio: Joe Tenini joined Epic after receiving his PhD in mathematics from the University of Georgia. His current work centers on the modeling of patient deterioration and the development of early warning systems in the acute care setting.

If you are interested in connecting with Joe or the team at Epic, let us know!

Follow the event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1608942902735871/

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